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pic1United Plastics Manufacturing Company specializes in manufacturing of PPR piping Systems (Brand UPTHERM) for the wide range of applications.

UPTHERM is a versatile and comprehensive system for hot and cold water piping in any modern residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


UPTHERM PPR piping systems are used in

  • Potable water supply installation inside residential complexes, independent houses, hotels, hospitals and chemical laboratory etc.
  • Industrial water transmission application that required to transport hot or cold water at pressure.
  • Under-floor heating, boiling and radiator connections or wall cooling and heating systems.
  • Swimming pools and their water filtration systems
  • Piping networks in various fields like Agriculture, Chemical transferring in the industries etc.


UPTHERM PPR Systems are made with two types of process/Pipes are made by using Extrusion and fittings are made with Injection moulding.The raw material used for these items are Polypropylene Random copolymer (PPR). This raw material is mostly sourced from reputed manufacturers.

The specific chemical structure of PPR is well balanced mechanical properties.PPR raw material is produced by using multiple reactor technology, the optimum molecular structure is achieved with best properties.


  • Extremely long life of at least 50 year.
  • No limitation to ph value of water (no corrosion). Taste and odor neutral.
  • Bacteriologically neutral.
  • Homogeneous joints
  • Excellent weldability
  • Good impact strength
  • Good Chemical resistance
  • Low tendency to incrustations.

UPTHERM PPR Pipes and fittings are designed and manufactured to withstand a constant temperature upto 75 degree Centegrade.The service life expectancy depends on the installed system pressure, pressure changes and temperature.


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