Quality Systems

ISO Certificate   

UPTHERM PIPES AND FITTINGS are produced with high quality raw quality and using the state of art machinery. United plastic manufacturing co. LLC is in the process of obtaining the ISO90001-2000 certification. It is only matter of time we get this certification as continuous operational details are maintained and documented at every stage to ensure strict quality management system.

The in-house laboratory is equipped with high quality testing instruments like Computerized Hydrostatic testing panel. PLC based universal testing machine, MFI tester etc.


UPTHERM pipes and fittings are produced with following standards and regulations.

  • DIN 8076 Standard for testing metal threaded joints.

  • DIN 8077 Polypropylene pipe dimensions.

  • DIN8078 Polypropyle pipes general quality requirements & testing. Chemical resistance of pipes and fittings.

  • DIN 2999 Standard fro fitting with threaded metallic inserts.

  • DIN 16962 Pipe joints assemblies and fitting types 1&2 polypropylene pressure pipes.

  • DIN 16928 Installation, pip and fittings connections.